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Creative Overgrowth

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

in a Windowsill Garden

I am honored to have my work included in On A Narrow Windowsill: Fiction & Poetry Folded Onto Twitter alongside 42 other wonderful writers. Folded Word Press has crafted a print version that is a sleek volume presenting the once Twitter-exclusive stories in a way that brings them alive. Appropriately enough, it is also available for ebook readers such as the Nook. According to Folded Word Press:

“Written on four continents and read on six, the works in this anthology celebrate the birth of a new literary form: the tweet. Ironically, the 140-character limit of the Twitter platform has inspired new and veteran writers alike to stretch traditional boundaries.”

Ben White, known for publishing his fiction on Twitter @midnightstories has several stories included in the anthology, and on his blog he writes:

“There is only one carefully curated Twitter-based creative writing anthology. And that book is On a Narrow Windowsill, out in the time for the holiday season from Folded Word.”

I really admire the microfiction of Daniil Kharms, and his work taught me that a story can be short - incredibly short, even only a few lines - and tell a complete story without feeling as though anything is missing. In fact, a story can benefit from the short form and be even better than if more had been added. That is the spirit behind the works in On a Narrow Windowsill, and it is fascinating to see what authors have been able to create with the short form working within the limitations imposed by text messaging technology and the Twitter platform.

75% of the book’s profits will be donated to

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

You can order a copy directly from Folded Word Press here. Google Books provides a preview of the book here.

Contributors to the Anthology: Rose Auslander, Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, Ashley Baldon, Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Mel Bosworth, Johnsie Noel, Eric Burke, Karyn Eisler,Jay Flemma, Opal Castmin, Andrew Dobbs, Kaolin Imago Fire, F.I. Goldhaber, Joel Handloff, Ludimila Hashimoto, Michael Lee Johnson, Beth Katte, S. Kay, Peter Keller,Robert Laughlin, Ellaraine Lockie, Jenny McFadyen, Joanne Merriam, Winifred Hunter Moore, Nora Nadjarian, Derek Osborne, myself, Cynthia Reeser, Adriana Renescu, Eric Richens, Michelle Ristuccia, Stephen D. Rogers, Ethel Rohan, meika loofs samorzewski,J.Y. Saville, Linda Leedy Schneider, Nate Sullivan, Jennifer Tatroe, Christian Ward,Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Ben WhitexTx, Changming Yuan

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