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"Wayfinder: Home of the Lýkos"

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

and "To Live a Life That is Not My Own" by Suany Cañarte

It's been a big publishing week for the author Suany Cañarte. Finally, some of her fecund writing is available for the public to read online. Previously, the only access one could have to her wellspring of imaginative talent was in the webcomic Pyraliss, which she writes and draws, although that product has been on hiatus for the last couple of months.

Now Suany has burst onto the fiction writing scene in the online literary journals The Legendary and Yesteryear Fiction.  The former included her short story "Wayfinder: Home of the Lýkos" in it's 20th issue. The story of a character who walks a wavering path between pariah and epitome of a new order, "Wayfinder" is a story with visceral sights and sounds that will leave the protagonist's voice in your mind before he even has a chance to speak a word.

"A lonely howl escaped from the tip of his long muzzle and drifted into the air. He watched as it danced up through the trees and spread out across the sky, a longing feeling pierced his heart."

"To Live a Life That is Not My Own" appeared in Yesteryear Fiction on August 21st, serving up another visceral tale, albeit in a vastly different setting. Trent is a character who is going to take the reader inside his mind, and you'll be torn between the urge to explore this imaginative mindscape to the fullest extent and to flee back to the safer world of third-person narration.

"The lights shone through the dark windows. Red to blue to red and black to blue. They caught one another sometimes and on the splintered bark in front of me they turned a deep violet. These colors were so wrong, so out of place. They weren't the same colors I had seen just a few moments ago."

For more information about the author, you can find her blog Invaluable Syncretism and her Twitter page @suanycanarte


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