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Handwritten Book Journal on Nepali Lokta Paper

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Handwritten book journal on lokta paper animated gif

This is a book journal I started back in 2009. I couldn't pass on the unique, natural look and feel of the lokta Paper from Nepal.

lokta plant thick paper

I thought it would make a perfect book journal, so it's full of reflections based on the books I read.

The cover took water damage from a time it was sitting near an open window and a rainstorm passed through, but it didn't cause too much destruction. It makes it look like an effect the cover is supposed to have on purpose.

The pages are thick and firm. The pulp and plant matter leaves different patterns and indentations on every page.

There's an ongoing meta-struggle in the entries on the nature of the project itself and the relevance of the entries to the books. I may want to post more entries in the future, but as a sample, here's my entry on James Joyce's Ulysses, which I chose because the two open pages covered in tiny text are aesthetically my favorite in this book:

This is an example of the kind of inky Bic pen I used to fill up these pages. It's too inky for most paper and would smear, but the lokta paper is so thick and absorbent that the ink flows smoothly, looks clear, and doesn't smear. This book is one of my few journals that is entirely written in print handwriting. I learned cursive in primary school, but I didn't use it and forgot how to write in script. However, in 2011, when I had just returned from Spain and wanted to document my adventures in a journal, I endeavored to re-teach myself cursive to be able to write faster, so all of my journals from that point are in cursive handwriting. In the future, I'll share some more of my handwritten journals along with some electronically handwritten material from my Moleskine Smart Writing Set.

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