Jack Kerouac's Original On the Road Scroll

The American Writers' Museum's First Exhibit Features the legendary scroll manuscript of Kerouac's classic American novel. I first read On the Road by Jack Kerouac in 2008. Then I started to get even more into Kerouac's writing, reading many of his other novels starting in 2009. But at that time, I learned I had just missed the chance to see with my own two eyes the actual, original, legendary, scroll manuscript of On the Road. Starting in 2007 and ending in early 2008, the s

The Author's Character

How much does the character of the author affect the work? Death and a Dictionary I recently read Simon Winchester’s The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary. The subtitle captivated my attention when I saw it on the clearance shelf and captures the essence of the book. It takes something that sounds quite boring and tedious (making a dictionary), combines it with crime thriller terms (you immediately think, “Wh

An Underwood From Out of Time

As you may have heard, a little freak weather event called Hurricane "Superstorm" Sandy ripped through the area recently doing its best to destroy lives. I - and those close to me - were spared, thankfully, but we were all left to deal with the inconveniences like no power and a gas shortage. With the state rationing out gas by evens or odds, we thought it best to walk to the store rather than take the car yesterday, and it was nice to see the sights in the brisk air. Along t

Jack Kerouac: Physical Writing Process

Whenever I encounter tales of the way writers physically sit down to write one of their books, I’m always fascinated. I like to imagine what the setting might have been like and what sort of instrument they actually used to get the ideas and images out of the mind and onto the page. I know that it probably has little bearing on the finished product of their writing, but I still find it fun to imagine what it might have been like when these works of art were created. I picture